Health Literacy Month 2022: How It Affects Mental Health?

According to research published in Milken Institute, 88% of adults in the USA are not sufficiently health literate. A lack of health literacy implies difficulties navigating the healthcare system properly or promoting your well-being. Misformation and disinformation about health-related issues make the situation worse. Health literacy month 2022 is an annual event celebrated in October to promote accurate information about health-related topics. Through awareness, this mission aims to increase health literacy in the population.

What Is Healthy Literacy?

Health literacy can be classified into two based on scope and impact.
Firstly, individual health literacy is the ability of an individual to find resources, services, and health information. By securing these resources, people can make informed health-related decisions for themselves and others. Real-life examples of individual health literacy include:-
-identifying trustworthy sources for health-related information,
-knowing how to navigate the healthcare system,
-having the literary ability to understand healthcare jargon(technical terms used in a profession or field of expertise),
-understanding the steps you can take to be healthier,
-taking informed health decisions for yourself and others,
-participating in community health, and much more.

On the other hand, organizational health literacy applies to enterprises in or related to the healthcare sector. It is the degree to which organizations empower individuals to be more health literate. Some of the significant criteria include:-
-being dedicated to health literacy as an organizational value,
-improving ease of access to healthcare information,
-setting up resources for health crises or emergencies,
-including health literacy in operational and strategic planning, goals, measures, etc.

Why Is Health Literacy Month Celebrated?

Health literacy month 2022 aims to spread awareness and promote the same. It has been held in October each year for over 20 years. During this event, institutions like hospitals, social welfare services, businesses, health centers, literacy programs, and others join together in the journey toward a more health-literate world. You can find courses and access information from an extensive healthcare network on this official website.

To contribute or participate in Health Literacy Month, 2022, you can:-
-volunteer on the official website,
-improve your health literacy,
-encourage the people around you to be more health literate,
-spread health awareness and literacy through various media and much more.

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The Importance Of Mental Health Literacy

Mental health is an essential part of overall health. Hence, mental health literacy is included in health literacy. Many websites, initiatives, and organizations work to spread mental health awareness. Yet stigma, misunderstandings, and confusion are common regarding various disorders and conditions. Mental health literacy refers to the knowledge and beliefs one holds about mental health and illnesses. Steps you can take to be more mental health literate include:-
-opt for therapy and improve your mental health,
-follow our blog for regularly updated insights into mental health,
-read scholarly articles and research implications from trustworthy sources,
-use your knowledge to identify, cope with, or prevent mental health conditions, and much more.

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Lack of health literacy is dangerous and leads to poor decision-making. For instance, you cannot access quality facilities if you don’t know about them. Health literacy month 2022 is a collaboration by many institutions to promote health literacy. In a dual approach, the mission focuses on building awareness and taking action.

Mental health literacy is a part of overall health literacy and is just as important. Staying updated on mental health can help you prevent or better cope with emotional issues and take better care of yourself. You will also become more sensitive, tolerant, and understanding of what others are going through. Ready for your journey to mental health literacy? Start by taking this quiz.

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