Mental Minimalism: Decluttering Your Mind In A Chaotic World

Most of the time, when we hear the term minimalism, we think of having less physical stuff, tiny houses, or neatly arranged items that can easily fit in one box. Or, to a lesser extent, about people who live in monochromatic houses and give up shopping.

But what if you could apply the principle of minimalism to your mental space?

What if you decided to let go of the unhealthy thoughts that have never been good for you? What if you chose not to pile up expectations and worries in your mind before discarding the previous one? What if you achieved the “zero notification” target for your brain box (wow, we don’t even know what that would mean, but sounds cool, right?).

This is exactly what you can achieve with mental minimalism or the art of decluttering your mind.

In our chaotic digital world, we all have thousands of opinions to share. Everyone wants to tell you something. Opinions are being blasted in full volume in every nook and corner of our world. We are constantly bombarded with tricks, tips, secrets, what if, and much more. We are being exposed to countless opinions and thoughts every day.

And this is exactly why mental minimalism matters. It helps you disconnect with the outer voice to help you reconnect with your inner self. It enables you to understand and filter out thoughts and opinions that matter. It allows you to free up space in your mind for thoughts and emotions that you will actually benefit from.

But how to start incorporating mental minimalism in your life?

Well, we have got you covered, pal. In this post, we will dive deeper into the tips to adopt mental minimalism in your life to declutter your mind and find peace.

Mental Minimalism

Ways To Incorporate Mental Minimalism In Your Life

1. Understand your core values.

One of the easiest ways to declutter your mind from unnecessary thoughts and emotions is to refer to your core values. 

Core values are the principles that guide your life. There are different ways to figure out your core values. For instance, think about the things you want to achieve, what you stand for, or what you consider right and wrong.  

Answering these questions will not just help you figure out your personal values but will also help you align your thought process with them. This way, you can discard the mental clutter of stress and pressure that does not relate to them.

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2. Let go of trying to do or think about different things all at the same time.

If you feel overwhelmed and stressed about the various things in your mind, mental minimalism is the perfect solution for you. To incorporate mental minimalism in your life, stop trying to do everything at once.

But where do you start if you don’t do everything at once?

Well, the best thing you can do is to prioritize your tasks in a decreasing order of importance and take up one thing at a time. This will not just make you less stressed but also uptick your concentration and productivity.  

3. Put a check on the amount of information you are bombarded with.

The truth is there is a limit to the amount of information our brains can receive and process on any given day. So, if you keep exposing it with too much information, it is bound to get confused and mess up on important occasions. Think of how your computers malfunction if the information is beyond its storage capacity. Well, that’s similar to what happens to our brains.

Therefore, to incorporate mental minimalism in your life and help your brain function smoothly, control the amount of information your receive. This means actively reducing the time you spend on social media, television, and other unnecessary sources of information.

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We have the tendency to fill up our mind’s space with unnecessary information and thoughts, just like our houses. But what if you choose to empty the clutter and fill it with something important? This is the principle of mental minimalism. We hope these tips for incorporating mental minimalism in your life will help you declutter your busy mind and find peace.

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