Anime And Beyond: Life Lessons From My Hero Academia

Welcome to the world of My Hero Academia — where gifted students fight super-powerful villains using their quirks. Quirks are superhuman abilities like creating fire, being able to freeze things, and much more. Yet, in a world filled with fighters and special quirks, the only question that remains beyond the flashy and extraordinary battles is just one: what is it that makes a true hero?

My Hero Academia is an anime centered around Izuku Midoyira, the only one not to have a superpower in his world filled with heroes. To fulfill his greatest desire to become a hero, he goes on to meet All Might, the greatest superhero of his time. Izuku’s journey to becoming a superhero is filled with clashes between heroes and villains. 

But the show goes deeper than just fights. 

Transcending its genre with insights and learning about human behavior, the anime teaches you valuable lessons. In this post, we will dive deeper into these life lessons from My Hero Academia. Whether you are looking to don the superhero hat in your life or just looking to find help navigating the complexities of life, My Hero Academia has something for you. Let’s get started. 

Life Lessons From My Hero Academia

Powerful Life Lessons From My Hero Academia

1. Work hard despite being born with talent.

One of the first life lessons from My Hero Academia that will strike you is the tenacity and dedication of all its characters. Despite being born with gifted talents, each of them works hard to preserve their talents and refine their abilities. 

Even Izuku is gifted his superpower, All for One, by All Might. All for One had the power to make Izuku the greatest hero of all time. Yet, despite the gift, he was persistent in working hard and becoming stronger. 

In reality, it is so easy to lose sight of hard work and dedication when we get things easily. We are exposed to a wide variety of things that attract us; therefore, staying dedicated and focused is much more complicated. We tend to start associating our identities with things we possess rather than the things we learned. This is because we forget who we are and what we want. 

In such times, the ‘working hard’ life lesson from My Hero Academia is important. Working hard means showing up, being consistent, and continuing to push through distractions to achieve your goals.

2. Celebrate little victories. 

Izuku’s story teaches us an important life lesson – celebrate small victories. The power of his acquired trait, All for One, is significantly difficult to be handled by a young boy, especially one who has never had a quirk before. Throughout six seasons, you see Izuku struggling to learn how to throw a ball to finally being able to throw a powerful punch at strong villains. However, this progress was slow and came with development in his other abilities. 

Therefore, his failures which once earned him ridicule eventually inspired people and gifted him admiration and genuine friendships. 

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3. A supportive group of individuals is essential in the journey called life. 

In the show, Bakugo has a hard time trying to adjust and work with others. He is highly impatient and thinks he can complete all work by himself. While this mindset served him well enough for the initial few years, eventually, he realized he needed support to get ahead. 

This brings us to another important life lesson from My Hero Academia – there will always come a time when you will realize that you need others’ help to move forward. But if you continue to burn your bridges, you will eventually find yourself all alone when you need your potential allies. 

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My Hero Academia is one of the most powerful and widely popular anime shows out there. The best thing about the show is that it is so much more than just its genre. It transcends its boundaries and offers deep insight into human behavior. The life lessons from My Hero Academia include hard work, empathy, dedication, resilience, and friendship can help you become a much better, learned human. 

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