Beyond Beauty Standards: How To Genuinely Accept Your Body

No matter how much you try to feel good about your appearance, sometimes looking in the mirror and loving what you see feels like a struggle. 

Living in a social media world that continuously sets unrealistic expectations for people’s bodies tremendously impacts how you feel about yourself. 

Whether it’s dealing with metabolism issues, acne, or just a rare bad day – being at war with your body is unhealthy. And somehow, we as a generation have become obsessed with looking a certain way. 

The only way to cope with this grueling struggle is body acceptance. Body acceptance means refusing to allow mainstream beauty standards to affect your body image. It means accepting and understanding your body with all its uniqueness and flaws. Body acceptance also extends to other people, and you can appreciate others in whatever shape and form they are.

Now, learning how to accept your body is a long road. In this post, we will dive deeper into the most effective tips on how to accept your body and come to terms with how you look. Let’s get started.

how to accept your body

Effective Tips On How To Accept Your Body

1. Acknowledge your struggles.

If you are struggling to love your body, it is okay. You are not alone. 

Do you know why?

This is because we live in a world that constantly forces us to hate our bodies. And if you have actually managed not to be affected by this, you are the exception, not the rule. 

However, to learn how to accept your body, it is important to understand where you stand in your relationship with your body. This acceptance of your struggles means you are willing to change your views. It is, in fact, the first step toward that change.

So, accept how you feel about yourself and be willing to make a change genuinely. 

2. Let go of what others think.

A lot of our struggles with accepting our bodies come from our fear of what others think about us. You might feel that people are judging your looks, makeup, hair, dressing sense, and whatnot. 

However, in reality, people are not paying nearly as much attention as you think they are. Therefore, once you let go of what others think, you will eventually worry less about your flaws.

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3. Identify the reasons.

Multiple reasons affect people’s views about their bodies. These include a combination of trauma, internal judgment, and constant comparing with others. 

Therefore, another tip on how to accept your body is to understand these factors. You need to identify what precisely makes you unhappy and where these reasons arise from. When you know your reasons, you will be more equipped to change them.

4. Get to know your body properly.

Learn to treat your body like a friend. Spend time with it and learn how being fully present with yourself feels. 

Our bodies do great things on a daily basis, and it is easy to lose sight of them. But when you truly tune in with your body, you can appreciate all that your body has to offer. This way, it becomes less about how you look and more about who you are. 

Rather than focusing on your negatives, focus on the parts of your body you like. If this is too difficult, just focus on your physiological process, like breathing, heart beating, etc. 

5. Stop comparing yourself with others.

Comparison is something that will steal your happiness. Remind yourself this the next time your mind starts comparing you with others. All of our bodies are different, so there are actually no reasons to compare ourselves with others. 

Ask yourself why you want to make someone else better or worse than you. Understand where your comparison tendencies arise from. Asking these questions will help you challenge and change your thoughts.

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Learning how to accept your body is complicated. While your feelings might not change overnight, gradually, you will learn to love and accept what you look like. We hope these effective tips will help you work through your emotions about your body.

Women are more likely to be affected by body image issues. This is because patriarchy affects how women access their bodies. Patriarchy affects more than just people’s body images. It also has a deep impact on people’s mental health. To know more about it, click here.

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