Struggling to focus? 5 Easy Focus Exercises For ADHD Adults

Imagine it is 3:59 PM. Just a minute before that important project deadline you had. You swore the last time you were in this position that you would never do this again. And yet, here you are. This isn’t even close to your best work, and you will be the luckiest if you submit anything to the manager today. So, what would you do differently if given a chance to turn back the clock?

This is the reality of all people with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Symptoms of hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity characterize the condition. Due to these symptoms, people with ADHD are often subjected to negative feedback. They are termed lacking in productivity, time management, and organizational skills. This leads to low-self esteem. People with ADHD start thinking of these symptoms as part of their personality.

However, as per research, these symptoms of ADHD are treatable. With focus exercises for ADHD adults and medications whenever necessary, people can effectively improve their concentration and organizational skills. Let us dive deeper into some of the easiest and most effective focus exercises for ADHD adults.

Focus Exercises For ADHD Adults

Best Focus Exercises For ADHD Adults

1. Get a planner – for all your start dates and not deadlines.

We usually use planners to set deadlines. Instead, one of the best focus exercises for ADHD adults is to use the same planners to remember all your start dates. This could be paper, an app on your phone, or a computer. Additionally, don’t just plan to get a planner. Decide to get a planner at 10:30 AM tomorrow. Your planner can serve as a dual brain that makes sure you don’t forget anything while also acting as a physical cue for all the things you need to get done. 

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2. Do not try to obstruct your movement. Gently move around.

Most of the time, it is difficult for people with ADHD to sit still for longer durations. But who says you need to restrict your movements in order to be productive? Try walking around while reading or sitting in a rocking chair. This exercise will allow you to move steadily, and now that your movements don’t take up too much of your mind space, you can focus on the task at hand too.

3. Try breaking down tasks into smaller segments.

If you feel overwhelmed by looking at the size or complexity of a task, you are more likely to feel stressed about it. This stress will feed your distractions even more. Therefore if a seemingly big task stresses you out, break it into smaller fragments. For instance, if you have to write a project report, break down the task paragraph-wise. Each paragraph can be treated as a separate task in itself. This focus exercise for ADHD will help you manage tasks more efficiently.

4. Use the Zeigarnik effect.

Do you have a long to-do list that you never seem to complete? Well, the Zeigarnik effect is the perfect focus exercise for you. People with ADHD face problems in getting tasks done. The Zeigarnik principle says that getting an unfinished task out of your mind is more challenging than something you haven’t started. Now to use the principle in your life – set a 10 minutes timer and start doing any task on your to-do list. After 10 minutes, this task becomes your unfinished project. Your brain latches onto this task and eventually figures out a way to complete it.

5. Sound sleep.

People with ADHD often have issues with getting proper sleep. Much evidence indicates that improper sleep can fuel inactivity, making it harder for people with ADHD to concentrate. Therefore practicing sleep hygiene can be one of the best focus exercises for ADHD adults.

For starters, try sticking to a proper sleep routine. Wake up and sleep at the same time daily. Avoid tobacco, caffeine, large portions of the meal, and alcohol, a few hours before sleep. 

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ADHD is a brain disorder generally characterized by symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. People with ADHD regularly suffer from a lack of attention. However, with lifestyle and behavioral changes, they can effectively develop task management and organizational skills. We hope these five focus exercises for ADHD will help aid your focus and concentration.

Apart from these, another important focus exercise for ADHD adults is the Pomodoro technique. To learn more about it, click here.

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