Understanding The Link Between Diabetes And Anxiety

As per the Centers for Disease Control, people with diabetes are 20% more likely to have symptoms of anxiety. The two conditions occur so frequently together that it might seem that one causes the other. While that’s not really the case, there is definitely a connection between diabetes and anxiety. 

In the turbulent times we live in, everyone regularly goes through periods of stress and anxiety. However, for people living with a chronic disease like diabetes, it can get increasingly challenging to manage such periods. People with diabetes have to deal with the constant stress of managing their condition and worry about developing severe complications. These concerns can eventually manifest into symptoms of anxiety.

Let us dive deeper into what science says about this connection between diabetes and anxiety and how people can manage these co-existing illnesses for a quality life.

Diabetes And Anxiety

What does the research say about the link between diabetes and anxiety?

Anxiety is not an immediate symptom of diabetes. However, several types of research have pointed out that people with diabetes are more likely to show anxiety symptoms.

According to research published in the National Library of Medicine, 40% of people suffer from severe and uncomfortable anxiety symptoms but do not have a diagnosable disorder. 

Another research by Chun-Jen Huang found that 14% of people with diabetes also suffer from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). This makes the prevalence of GAD in diabetes about three times higher than those without. These numbers are applicable to both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. 

Additionally, not only do people with diabetes are more vulnerable to anxiety disorders, but anxiety can also be one of the risk factors for developing diabetes. While diagnosing the condition, doctors often consider anxiety symptoms as one of the possible risk factors. 

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Managing And Treating The Conditions Together

Clearly, there is a complicated but vital link between anxiety and diabetes. Unfortunately, the occurrence of symptoms of anxiety with diabetes can interfere with the treatment process. It can make it even harder for patients to manage their diabetic symptoms and follow lifestyle changes and medication routines. Therefore, the treatment for such patients needs to cater to both diseases. 

For treatment options, it is good to start dealing with the common aspect of anxiety and diabetes – stress. Developing resistance and effective stress-management practices can go a long way in enhancing your diabetes management and treatment. 

In addition to effective stress-management strategies, your healthcare provider can suggest several other activities, including:

  • therapy,
  • yoga,
  • meditation,
  • support groups,
  • relaxation exercises,
  • dietary modifications, and
  • medications.

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Managing a chronic illness like diabetes can be tough and taxing for most people. Feeling anxious and stressed out is common in such cases. However, these instances of stress can several times manifest into full-blown anxiety disorders, which can interfere with effective diabetes management and treatment. However, using effective stress-management techniques and other activities like therapy, yoga, and meditation can help the concerned individual deal with their situation. 

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