5 Best (Free & Paid) Apps For ADHD

The rates of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD) in the US have increased over the past twenty years as per research by Guifeng Xu, MD. Another, more widespread condition called attention deficit trait has emerged in a hurried and distracted world. It involves being overactive, multitasking and rushed in our work. While constantly buzzing notification sounds can make it difficult for anyone to concentrate, our devices can also be helpful tools for those prone to distractions. Following are some apps for ADHD to help you do the same. 

Most Reliable Apps For Helping With ADHD

1. Rescue Time

Features: This web application helps you remove your time from distractions and become a productivity expert. It is preferred by leaders worldwide and considered one of the best time trackers. As you become more aware of how you spend your virtual time, it is easier to organize and manage your tasks.

Pricing Plan: Rescue Time offers two-tier pricing plans. The primary or lite version is free, and you can avail the premium version at $9 per month(or $78 per year). You can start with a free account to understand how this application can help you boost productivity.

2. Asana

Features: Asana is the best product for team organization and critical project management. It helps you organize your workflow for better productivity. This app is a master at helping you meet deadlines and can be helpful for those who are easily distracted.

Pricing Plan: It offers a basic plan with most features thrown in. A premium and business plan for advanced workload organization are available for $10.99 and $24.99, respectively.

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3. Mint

Features: Organizing cash flow is one of the most frustrating tasks for most people. It takes up much of your time and attention and distracts you from more important things. Mint helps you organize this better by keeping all your accounts in one place. It is available on android, ios, and as a web application. 

Pricing Plan: Mint is an entirely free app with many benefits for users who need financial or organizational aid.

4. Polymail

Features: Are you tired of a hundred emails spamming your inbox daily? Polymail is an email management app that works with Google and Microsoft to manage better and organize your emails. 

Pricing Plan: Polymail is a free forever application with all the essential features other mail management apps provide. It saves you a lot of time and ensures you have one less thing to be distracted by.

5. Pomofocus

Features: The Pomodoro technique is popular among everyone trying to be productive, finish tasks on time or deal with distractions. It involves breaking down tasks into short intervals, typically 25 minutes in length, with breaks in between. 
Pricing Plan: The basic version of Pomofocus with most of the essential features is free. You can buy the monthly version for $1.99 (the yearly version for $12 and the lifetime version for $36).

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Managing the symptoms of ADHD can be downright exhausting. It hinders your deadlines, daily chores, and ability to perform essential tasks. These obstacles can delay your progress and leave you stuck in a rut. One way to eliminate distractions and regain focus is to use beneficial apps for ADHD that help you manage or tone down the effects of attention deficit conditions. Setting short goals is an effective way to complete tasks efficiently for beginners. On that note, here are some short-term goals for better mental health.

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