Adoption Awareness Month: Taking Small Steps To New Possibilities

When we are growing up, parents support us, teach us how to form relationships and interact with others, and eventually find our place in society. However, not everyone has this facility that most of us take for granted. That’s why since 1976, National Adoption Day has been celebrated every November in the United States in different forms. In 1990, it officially became National Adoption Awareness Month.

What Is The Theme For Adoption Awareness Month 2022?

The theme for Adoption Awareness Month this year is small steps open doors. It implies the meaning of adoption, opening the door for children to get a healthy upbringing. But it is also suggested that spreading awareness about the process of adoption in society can help young children in the foster care system get a chance at typical, healthy lives.

To participate in this event, you can spread awareness about adoption among your social circle and encourage anyone you know who is looking for a child to consider adoption. These small steps might change a child’s life (and the parent’s) for the better.

Why Is Adoption Awareness Necessary?

Growing up in a foster home or without parents can hinder any child’s upbringing and lead to issues that haunt them into adulthood. Adopting someone is becoming their parent and helping them by taking responsibility for a healthy upbringing. Adoption is an excellent choice for people who want to raise their children. Hence, spreading awareness about adoption in society is necessary. Through this awareness, we can also improve foster systems, and the process of adopting someone can be made more accessible.

However, the awareness has another purpose: to help the parents understand that raising a child is a great responsibility they will shoulder. According to Erik Erikson’s development model, many conflicts and attitudes are decided in childhood. For instance, during 5-13 years, the child chooses between the capacity to perform a task and inferiority or incapability. One of these traits is selected as the child tries to complete tasks and achieves different results. Hence, providing a child with care and attention is critical, helping them make the right choices and become more capable adults.

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Adoption And Mental Health

According to a study by Broadzinsky, M.D, adopted children are more likely to suffer from psychological and school-related issues. In social environments, they might feel inferior, unloved, or different from their peers. Or they might be prone to depression, depressive thoughts, and behavior. To combat this vulnerability, we must provide them with the proper tools, beliefs, and mindset to live. Educators and parents also need to promote a sense of equality and environments that foster growth and cooperation for their students and children.

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An adoption is an act of service that signifies helping someone have a healthy, joyful upbringing and a wonderful life. Adoption Awareness Month has been celebrated in the United States since 1990. This event aims to inspire positive action, encourage adopters to make decisions, and open a new door for life to prosper. Likewise, the theme for this event in November 2022 is “Small Steps Open Doors.”

According to studies, adopted children are more likely to suffer from issues in school, home, and other social environments. It is necessary to take action to reduce or eliminate these problems, as relationships are a foundation of human growth and development. Here is a blog post explaining how family relationships influence mental health to help you understand the same.

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