7 ADHD Fidget Toys To Boost Productivity In The Workplace

Do you often find yourself clicking your pen, playing with switches, or moving your limbs while working? This is known as fidgeting. Fidgeting is a recognizable symptom of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder but also an activity everyone does when distracted. Fidget toys help improve focus and performance and fulfill your need for fidgeting by doing two things simultaneously.

According to many psychologists today, you can use them to get relief from or be functional despite stress, anxiety, ADHD, or to replace fidgeting.  Following are the seven best fidgeting toys to help you boost performance at work.

ADHD Fidget Toys For Employees To Boost Productivity

1. Pen & Paper

Pen and paper are usually accessible in any workplace. They are even better to fiddle with if your current task involves brainstorming and writing something down on paper. You can fidget with a pen when facing distractions or thinking about ideas.

2. Squeezable stress balls

Stress balls have a long shelf life, are easy to store, and require the least effort. You can use them for anger management and release your emotions through physical exertion. Balls might also help you increase your grip strength or have fun with your colleagues during breaks.

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3. Fidget spinners

Fidget spinners gained worldwide popularity as a toy in 2017, but their recognition faded just as quickly as it arose. Still, they retain their position as one of the best fidget toys for ADHD. Spinners make you present and help you recover from distractions quickly, thus improving your performance at work.  

4. Paperclips

Paperclips are essential for keeping your documents organized and easily found in most professional spaces. They can also be used for fidgeting and might help do justice to your clicking needs.

5. Six-Sided fidget cubes

6-sided fidget cubes give you all the options of combined playdough, pen, and other objects. These fidget toys fulfill your clicking or moving needs making them an excellent one-time investment for those who fidget often. They are also small and don’t require much space to carry, making them an ideal fit for employees.

6. Chewable pendants or straws

These chewables can improve your focus by giving you the sensation of biting down on something. Owing to their simple design, you can also use these pendants to look attractive in your office.

7. Calming Stones

Naturally occurring hand-sized smooth stones can help give you a sense of calm and relief, boost your productivity and engage your sense of touch. They can also be paperweights to hold down essential documents on your desk. Smooth stones are a great addition to decorating your home, desk, or cabin.

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Fidget toys are tools that help you stay focused on your work by releasing your urge to fidget. They can be helpful for stress, anxiety, and various other conditions or give you something extra to pass the time with.

Still, fidgeting at your workplace or out in the open can be challenging and may be considered unprofessional. One way to sanction the use of fidget toys in your workplace is to spread mental health awareness. Here’s a blog post that shows why and how you can do the same

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