ADHD Awareness Month: People With ADHD Share Their Experience

ADHD(Attention Deficit  Hyperactivity Disorder) is a mental health condition that usually starts in childhood and carries into adulthood. It is marked by impulsiveness, hyperactivity, and a lack of focus. Awareness of this condition has spread over time, yet it remains misunderstood. ADHD awareness month is held in October every year to make people understand the condition better.

All About ADHD Awareness Month

This month-long event originated in 2004 to spread awareness, fight stigma, start the conversation and help people with ADHD. It began with the initiative of various organizations like Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder(CHADD), the worldwide professional membership for ADHD Coaches(ACO), and ADDitude magazine, working hand in hand.

You can find people and listen to experts talking about experiences of ADHD on throughout the month. Learning other people’s experiences can help you understand the condition beyond its diagnosis. Accordingly, the theme for ADHD awareness month 2022 is “Understanding A Shared Experience.” It focuses on how people, families, and communities experience(and cope with) ADHD differently. 

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What ADHD Really Feels Like

The experiences of everyone with this condition differ, sometimes significantly so. For instance, many people with ADHD report having two “modes” or states of being. They feel hyperfocused, motivated, and competent in one. In the other mode, they might be unable to concentrate even on mundane tasks.

Losing motivation to do anything or their interest in activities is expected. The duration and intensity of these moods vary for everyone. Some also report suffering from an in-between state where they can experience both states.

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How Does ADHD Affect Different Areas Of Life?

As someone with ADHD, this condition permeates every aspect of your lifestyle. Firstly, it impacts your time. You may lose track of time or have difficulty focusing on time-bound projects. Or you might require more time for self-care or recovery from your symptoms.

ADHD also impacts how you relate to other people. It can be challenging for you to make other people understand your condition and different needs due to the same. If the people around you don’t understand your symptoms, you will likely have misunderstandings or conflicts in relationships. For instance, many people with this condition tend to shy away from projects or commitments or get anxious as they anticipate failure.

Lastly, it impacts your career. ADHD makes you more motivated to work based on interest rather than importance. For instance, you might start a project that inspires creativity only to abandon it when you start feeling bored. Setting up personalized work schedules and spending time figuring stuff out would work best for you. Many online and offline tools and techniques can help you focus and find your work style.  


ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder that usually starts in childhood. It impacts all areas of life and is marked by intense emotions, hyperactivity, difficulty concentrating on tasks, and numerous other symptoms. ADHD awareness month is an event celebrated since 2004 that aims to keep the conversation going and help people understand the condition better.

The core theme this year is, “Understanding a shared experience”. It aims to increase mental health awareness and make people more sensitive and understanding of ADHD. Knowledge about ADHD can also help introduce prevention, preparedness, and better self-care for people with the condition. Self-care or skill-building activities are essential as they help you prepare for times of crisis or need beforehand. On that note, here are the best mental health skill-building activities you can try today.

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