Is There Any Relationship Between Fashion And Mental Health?

Every day starts with dressing up in the morning before going out. However, some of us do it more consciously than others. Different occasions require different attires. 

Our clothes communicate with the rest of the world on a nonverbal frequency, intentionally or unintentionally. Fashion reflects one’s personality and, to an extent, how one feels.

A great appearance can significantly impact your mental health. Let’s dive deeper into the connection between fashion and mental health.

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    Relationship Between Fashion And Mental Health

    How are mental health and fashion connected?

    Fashion has been linked to a person’s mental health in the past. People often dress up according to their mood. We all have our days, whether it’s a fun dress-up Friday night or a relaxing Sunday stay-in. In many ways, our moods influence our fashion choices.

    According to a study, clothes and colors also have been shown to impact one’s mental health. It tends to restore confidence by providing a glimpse of hope for improving mental health. People who are depressed might prefer to dress comfortably and modestly, almost as if trying to avoid being judged. When someone is happy and confident, however, they may want to try new styles.

    People shifted to more loose and comfortable clothing during the Great Depression, which reflected their mental state in the early 1930s. However, in the 1950s, during the Civil Rights Movement, this was not the case. People wore form-fitting dresses and were empowered and confident. The famous Dior’s “New Look” greatly influenced people. During this time, most women appeared to be self-assured and mentally strong. That is quite demonstrative of how mental health can be related to fashion.

    Most people with mental illnesses choose not to pay attention to their appearance. They prefer to dress in baggy clothing such as sweatpants and sweatshirts. This is because of the comfort and coziness this type of clothing provides. However, it frequently portrays and leaves a picture of their mental health. People who dress in bright, bold colors and body-fitting clothes are often healthier and more positive. However, we cannot always judge one’s mental health solely on what one wears.

    Every person has a different story about what caused their mental illness. Body image issues, harassment and abuse, insecurities, and the list goes on and on. Over the years, the fashion industry has taken small steps toward eliminating model body standards and other issues. It’s time to band together to raise awareness and stop allowing validation to define us.

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    How can you use fashion to improve your mental health?

    There are numerous ways to improve and maintain a healthier mental state. One of them is the influence of fashion on self-esteem. Experimenting with fashion to enhance your mental health is a fantastic idea. It can assist one in exploring and feeling at ease in their skin.

    1. Dressing up 

    Many offices and schools try to maintain a uniform to instill a sense of sturdiness and discipline. This method can also aid in boosting one’s self-esteem and keeping one’s mind in a more positive state. 

    On the other hand, changing your appearance and dressing up every day can help you broaden your creative perspective and improve your overall mood.

    2. Retail Therapy 

    Shopping for the sole purpose of improving your mood is known as retail therapy.

    It should come as no wonder that retail therapy is a viable option. From clothing to jewellery to shoes and accessories, making the right purchases can boost your confidence. All of this aids in developing trust and, as a result, improves mental health. However, it is also critical not to overspend on items you may not require.

    3. Getting out of your comfort zone 

    Having a social life can help you overcome the negative mental state of negative thoughts. Dressing up well can have positive consequences, such as people complimenting you on it, and small gestures like this can benefit your mind.

    4. Boosting Confidence

    It can assist you in regaining your confidence. To progress towards good mental health via fashion, the final but most crucial goal is to do justice to yourself. It could be as simple as allowing yourself to experience a surge in confidence. Trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends can be a lot of fun. Having the opportunity to conduct research and exploration to determine your style can significantly aid in brain stimulation.

    5. Color Booster 

    We’re all aware that color has a significant impact on our mood. It could be the hues of a playroom’s walls, an office’s, or something as simple as coloring a book. For many, choosing a particular color helps to influence a specific mood. The same can be said about fashion, which has the potential to have a significant impact on a person’s mental health.


    One of the multiple ways to deal with mental health is through fashion. It can assist you in gaining confidence and improving your thought process. However, these suggestions are not a substitute for professional help.

    You should actively seek help whenever you feel it is necessary.

    We’re here to remind you that mental health should be a top priority for everyone. 

    Now that you know about the relationship between fashion and mental health let’s take you toward another fun activity that might aid your mental health. Click here to read about art therapy activities for stress relief.

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